How To Pick A Game


Picking the right game doesn't have to be hard, here's a quick guide to make it easy.

What's the difference between the Black Card Revoked - Original Flavor game versions? Glad you asked, see below.

Black Card Revoked - Original Flavor 1: Released in 2015, its the oldest of the games but also the most popular. It has a mix of content but is known for its "Best of" cards like "Whats the best sitcom of all time?", "What's the best r&b group?".
Black Card Revoked - Original Flavor 2: Released in 2016, this is a fan favorite for its overall pettiness. We got rid of the "Best Of" and "black history" cards but added hair, Beyonce and situation cards like "What's the worse thing that can happen at a hair salon?" or "Who has the worse edges?"
Black Card Revoked - Original Flavor 3: Released in 2017, we doubled down on mom, food and crazy situations but brought back a focus on politics and black history through our new "stay woke" category. Our favorite card from this game is "Which one of these things is your mom not?"
Black Card Revoked - Original Flavor 4: Released in 2018, the big focus for this game is family and nostalgia. We explore the foods, smells, shadiness and experiences that we share with our families. Our favorite card is "What's an old school tattoo that everyone's aunt has?"
Black Card Revoked - Original Flavor 5: Released in 2019, this is our special 5th anniversary edition of Black Card Revoked. It comes in a special black box designed by New York Times bestselling illustrator, Keturah Ariel. We brought back all of the old categories from the first game but with even crazier content. Our favorite card is "Which celebrity has the biggest teeth?" Your choices start with Steve Harvey.